waiting for the vet

One of the many photo blogs I follow is THTK, a collection of user-submitted photos "deemed by public participants as Too Hard to Keep." It's fascinating. One's mind just simply creates the story around the photograph, and it's simply heartbreaking to sift through, or, maybe I'm just a sucker with a runaway imagination, who knows? It got me wondering if I'd taken any photos I'd deem THTK, and I immediately thought of this morning. I'd submit this photo if the guidelines didn't stipulate that the photo must be deleted after its submission--I'm far too selfish to part with this one, no matter how painful.

This is Gilbert. This is his last morning. We were waiting for the vet to come and euthanize him because the tumor on his nose made it too hard for him to breathe. It sucked.

I've held on to this photo for years now, without revisiting it, without looking at it, without editing it. It's certainly more personal than most anything I post here, but it was a moment.